Metro Hartford Region Skyline

Metro Hartford Region

"Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see, this is the chief... You do not know what beauty is if you have not been here."

— Legendary Hartford Resident Mark Twain

A Hidden Gem

At 400 years old, Hartford is one of the oldest and most storied cities in the US. Rich in culture, history, and art, its people have as much character as the city they call home. Hartford is small in size, but is vast in passion, innovation, and creativity. It celebrates a legacy of commitment, care, and community. Its promise is a future of realized potential and fulfilled dreams.

Desirable & Affordable

Located on the scenic Connecticut River, within only 100 miles of both, New York City and Boston, Hartford is often overshadowed by these two mega-metropolises. Its strong corporate presence, vibrant culture, active arts community, and the affordable cost of living and doing business, make this city a desirable alternative to the expensive and high-density lifestyle of the larger cities.

The Insurance Capital of the World

Hartford is the seat of the Connecticut State Government. It is one of the major financial centers in the Northeast and home to four Fortune 500 companies, including all three of Connecticut’s Fortune 100 companies.

Hartford has long been known as the “Insurance Capital of the World”, and while the city is no longer primarily dependent on this industry, its insurance backbone remains. Some of the largest insurance companies in the world are either headquartered or maintain a major presence in Hartford.