The Hartford skyline at dusk from the Riverfront.

Vision for Hartford

Since 2014, Shelbourne has been tracking key market trends that indicate that Hartford is in the midst of a significant reemergence and rebirth due to a confluence of factors. Several significant projects are underway that re-energize the state's Capitol, attract more businesses, and stimulate the region's economy.

The New Hartford

Through privately and publicly funded development initiatives, Hartford is transforming into a Live Work Play City that is increasingly able to provide the dynamic lifestyle that urban centers need to attract companies and residents alike.

Shelbourne's Hartford Commitment

Shelbourne has made a strategic decision to invest heavily in the City of Hartford. As the largest owner of Class A office buildings in the City, Shelbourne's footprint has grown exponentially over the past few years. Beginning with the acquisition of 4 of the most prominent Class A office buildings, Shelbourne has expanded its Hartford investments into numerous historic redevelopment projects. These efforts are essential to repositioning the City into a true Live Work Play environment, thus significantly enhancing Hartford's competitiveness in the market.