About Shelbourne

Founded in 2013, Shelbourne is a New York-based company that owns and manages over eight million square feet of commercial real estate, totaling over a billion dollars worth of assets. Shelbourne excels in asset management, property management, tenant management, and leasing.

Shelbourne’s strategy and approach has been to obtain private equity investors to primarily acquire Class A office buildings that are opportunistic and high-yielding in secondary and tertiary markets. Through leveraging its extensive partner network and over 100 years of cumulative experience and expertise in public and private equity markets, Shelbourne has been able to source, structure and finance transactions to achieve superior, risk-adjusted returns for its investors. Shelbourne strives to develop a robust Live Work Play ecosystem by revitalizing areas with unfulfilled potential.

Underwriting / Acquisition

Shelbourne’s strategy for its Commercial Real Estate acquisitions is to provide a cash on cash yield to investors and partners. By purchasing properties and holding them for 7 – 10 years, while reinvesting in the buildings’ common areas, amenities, services, and quality of maintenance, Shelbourne is better able to renew current tenants’ leases, as well as to attract new tenants.


Shelbourne’s platform is robust and can accommodate multiple large acquisitions in new markets and smaller, “bolt-on” acquisitions in established markets. Shelbourne Diversified, which handles property management can be easily scaled to accommodate the acquisition of any new property. Shelbourne completed 1.5+ million SF of acquisitions in 2017, 423,000 SF in 2018 and 1.5+ million SF in 2019.

Access To Deals

Shelbourne has established relationships with numerous sales brokers in various markets, and with other market participants who have access to off-market deals.

Growth Engines

Shelbourne has branched into mixed-use multifamily acquisition and redevelopment in Hartford, CT, where the company has a commanding presence in the Class A office market; this is part of a comprehensive live, work, play strategy to maintain strong occupancy in the company’s office buildings and overall drive growth. This strategy also includes establishing an insurance technology incubator, which has successfully partnered with local Fortune 500 firms that are seeking ways to attract and maintain millennial talent to Hartford. Shelbourne is actively seeking additional secondary markets where a similar 24-7 live, work play strategy can provide superior returns.